Take a Walk

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Spring has been slowly creeping in on the Crystal Coast & no one is happier to celebrate the warmer weather than me! Seasonal depression came in hard & fast this season, leaving me & many others in a wake of mental fog, fatigue, & a general discomfort. It's time to shake off the cobwebs... seriously. Lucky for me, I happen to have 70lbs of inspiration running around keeping me on my toes and laughing. Thank goodness for my little boy, Daniel, who consistently takes my hand and insists on walking around the block, which is always a perfectly awesome idea.  Knowing I need the air I happily go along, hand in hand with my favorite little buddy. On these recently gorgeous days, we've taken in all the sunshine our bodies can absorb. The chilly winds are still around but my goodness, how wonderful does that sunshine feel!? We've even been doing some light foraging along the way (Appalachian-style Fried Dandelions anyone?)

Little D & I are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful, safe neighborhood in Cape Carteret, just along the Intracoastal Waterway & across the way from the Emerald Isle side of Bogue Banks. Little did I know upon moving here 20 + years ago, the Crystal Coast is a hugely popular tourist destination, and yet has maintained its dignity as a full-time residential area. It's quite the place, offering a ton of activities, many revolving around the natural beauty and resources of the area. From The Point of Emerald Isle to Fort Macon in Atlantic Beach, Bogue Banks houses both long-term residents and hosts travelers from around the world. If you have not had the opportunity to visit Eastern North Carolina, I highly recommend you do. As a born & bred Jersey Girl, I can tell you that more and more of us come down south every year, falling in love with the clean beaches & veridian-colored waters.  

What's my point? My point is the winter was rough; the spring is upon us & so is the time to start fresh. It's also time to start planning all the activities that keep those spirits high, including vacations! Let's not forget about stay-cations too (because those can be equally fantastic!) In a future post, I'll give you some fun & cost-effective ways to get out of the house this spring & enjoy all the Crystal Coast has to offer! (I'll be highlighting my personal favorites so stay tuned!) 


As always,

Stay Salty!